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Welcome to my Walkera helicopter website

I have started this website to help newcomers to remote controlled helicopters with their decision on what helicopter to start with. I hope that this website will be helpful towards your choice. There are so many types of R/C helicopters on the market to choose from, so I decided that I will share my experience and helicopter choice with you so that you don’t fall victim to a salesperson to make an extra few dollars out of you. Please read my Walkera helicopter reviews. It will help you to make the best choice for your needs. It is very important to educate yourself as much as possible before you start flying R/C helicopters. If not, you might get injured, be frustrated, or end up ordering loads of spare parts.  The e-books displayed on my website will help all beginner pilots to start this hobby with a good knowledgeable foundation.

My Walkera helicopter website is for sale.

Any one interested can contact me.

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R/C Helicopter E-Books


Beginner's Guide To RC Helicopters

Beginner's Guide To RC Helicopters E-Book

Swash Setup & Levelling

Swash Setup & Levelling E-Book


Setup & Tips For RC Helis

Setup & Tips For RC Helis E-Book

Getting The Most Out Of
Your Blade MSR/X & 120SR

Getting The Most Out Of Blade MSR/X & 120SR E-Book

Beginner's Guides Combo Deal

Beginner's Guides Combo Deal E-Books



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Brushless Motors Receivers Servo's
(Brushless) Motors & Accessories Receivers & Accessories Servos & Accessories
Battery (Packs) - Ni-Mh Browse the Electric Speed Control (ESC) Category. Main Rotor Blades
Battery (Packs) - Ni-Mh Electric Speed Control (ESC) Main Rotor Blades
Browse the Building/Tools - All Category. 2.4GHz Recording Wireless Receiver Portable & Moving Player Walkera UFO 7CH Remote Control UFO
Building Tools 2.4GHz Recording Wireless Receiver Walkera-UFO


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Build Your Own Remote Controlled LED On/Off Light Switch

Remote Controlled LED
On/Off Light Switch

This on/off switch can be
used for all r/c application


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